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Weenthunga’s objectives

In essence Weenthunga’s objectives draw on the objectives developed in recent years by the national Indigenous health associations, such as Indigenous Allied Health Australia, Australian Indigenous Doctors Association, Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses, Indigenous Dentists Association of Australia, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers Association and those of the national Indigenous health bodies such as the Close The Gap Steering Committee and the National Indigenous Health Equality Council. 

The Weenthunga Health Network is keen to facilitate action at local levels in Victoria. An Evaluation Report has recently been released, sharing the outcomes of our Girls Resilience Program in the Bendigo area. This activity, and all of Weenthunga's local activities, aim to address these common objectives, by:

  1. Fostering collegial support for all individuals in health roles contributing to improved health of First Australians in Victoria
  2. Fostering networking and collaboration amongst First Australians and Australians in  health roles across Victoria
  3. Providing a culturally safe forum that enables a voice and fosters support for First Australians in health roles
  4. Encouraging and facilitating educational opportunities for First Australians in health roles
  5. Improving the cultural knowledge and skill base of Australian health professionals working with First Australians and their communities in Victoria
  6. Advocating for and contributing to improved undergraduate Aboriginal health curricula at Victorian tertiary institutions
  7. Developing and evaluating strategies for providing undergraduate health students clinical observations and experiences involving First Australians
  8. Encouraging more First Australians into the health professions