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Cultural Safety Day

On the 20th of October, Weenthunga is arranging a member’s Cultural Safety Training day in Melbourne. This will be done through the VACCHO (Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation). Recently our Network Development Manager Sarah Stoller completed the course and said:

"I attended the Cultural Safety Training on 27 May and I would recommend it to anyone working with Aboriginal people, or who just wants to understand more about the history and culture of Aboriginal people in Victoria. The session was very practical and interactive. The health workers who attended used a cultural audit tool to better understand what cultural safety looked like in their workplace. The group was given an enlightening snapshot of the history of government policy relating to Aboriginal people. The session included information about cultural consideration, such as: Aboriginal English; kinship and family structures; elders and respected leaders; sorry business; eye contact; and men’s and women’s business. This information was illustrated with colourful examples from Nicole’s own life and career. Nicole was a really engaging presenter, who clearly is a gifted communicator. By the end of the session participants had gained practical understanding of the concept of cultural safety, past government policies, cultural considerations and Aboriginal health. Nicole made sure participants understood the place of cultural safety in the bigger picture of overcoming Aboriginal disadvantage. The evidence is clear – by providing better more culturally safe practices for Aboriginal people, we can reduce the burden of diseases in Aboriginal Australians.”

If you are interested in attending please contact Sarah for further details: sarah@weenthunga.com.au

Please note that depending on interest, we may be able to host a second event. If you are interested but cannot attend on the 20th of October, or are a member interested in attending a day held in Bendigo please let Sarah know.