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Women in Health

Captured speaking to First Australian school girls in August 2012.

Please note: These clips are videos captured during a day’s event where First Australian women, working in a range of health fields, shared their stories to a group of young women studying year 11 and 12. The students had the privilege to hear about health roles in a way that they could understand. It is hoped that more young women will consider taking on health careers.

We wish to acknowledge and thank these women for sharing their stories.  The strength of telling story is a part of Aboriginal culture.

To view a video click on any of the pictures. 

We are very appreciative of these women for giving permission to publically share their story for other young First Australians on Weenthunga’s website.

Supported by the Johnstone Gumption Sub-Fund, a Sub-Fund of the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust.